Energy transition

Why a change is needed in power supply?

More than 80% of global energy supply today is based on the use of fossil fuels and nuclear sources of energy. However, it is well known that adherence by the supply associated with considerable problems, which can be summarized in two groups:

  • Limited sources of fossil fuels and nuclear energy: it is necessary to tap limited natural reserves to produce both fossil fuels and nuclear energy. However, the regeneration of fossil fuel sources depends on biomass, but this process lasts millions of years and inappropriate from a point of view of human. The exact time of depletion of sources of fossil fuels and nuclear energy depends on how intense is their consumption, from the discovery of new mineral deposits and the development of new technology for the treatment of materials. However, it can be assumed, on the basis of actual consumption, most of the fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources will be exhausted by the end of this century.
  • Negative impact on the environment and living space: significant negative impacts and risks to the environment are associated with the using of fossil fuels and nuclear energy . One of these effects is climate change as a consequence of anthropogenic greenhouse effect, which can be largely attributed to the burning of fossil fuels. The danger of nuclear accidents and the remaining insoluble problem of storing nuclear waste are two additional problems associated with this situation.