Network monitoring

The issue of pipelines monitoring constantly holds sway and is highly popular. Initially full of large-scale network of pipelines that have been equipped with a monitoring system of the pipeline network has demonstrated the system leads to reduced costs for acquisition, technical innovation and simplistic use. It also makes installation of the monitoring system of pipelines for networks of pipelines from small to medium scale. Continuous reliable network monitoring provides a rapid detection and localization of a defective pipes with fluid leaks or their penetration.

Thereafter, any additional damage to piping or building materials as a result of constant leakage can be prevented.

The market has established a tried and tested system in sensor technology: IPS-Cu, which uses a bare copper wire.

In equipment technology, it is important to distinguish between analogue and digital systems, as in the case of stationary and mobile equipment. Analog equipment provides the user with information on the status of the monitored pipeline (i.e., problems do not exist, or hydration takes place). Then shall be fulfilled the exact localization of the problem (distance measurement) by a qualified technician involved in this work and using their own equipment. On the contrary, digital equipment provides the user with not only updates information about the status, but can also realize the automatic detection of the exact location of the problem. All measuring equipment of the company «Isoplus» is set so that it can be used with our wiring systems and with similar systems from third-party manufacturers. The flexibility of the equipment of the company «Isoplus» provides a wide range of applications and, accordingly, the problem-solving techniques tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual customer.

The method of digital measurement

The method of digital measurement has always enjoyed great popularity. Thanks to the transfer and analysis of measurement data on the computer, there are many opportunities to upgrade and improve the monitoring network.

Basically, a distinction should be drawn between movable and immovable equipment and requirements that determine the type of equipment used.

During the development of this equipment, special attention was paid to the compatibility between hardware components, and this has led to ensure smooth interaction between hardware components «Isoplus».

The procedure of the digital measurement system of copper wires

Our Digital-Cu system is the most reliable and well-proven monitoring system for all systems of copper wires or wires, based on the measurement of pulse delay time.

Monitoring and detecting problems in the pipeline are implemented by using a special type of measurement delay time pulse. By measuring the travelled time of the electrical pulse and the echo from the defect can be accurately detected the location of the problem. Using this method of measurement can also be detected multiple failures, and set their location. In addition, thus, any characteristic of a fault in the cable system (open wire, contact with the tube for pumping of the medium) is also very easy to detect in automatic mode. Software of the company «Isoplus» also provides a full record and analysis of measurement data in the system. The result of accurate display graphs of pulsation may be also performed additional manual data analysis. Accordingly, this system can also be used for other applications. All measurement results are automatically saved and can subsequently be used for further analysis and documentation. The software can collect up to 127 measuring points with a total length of 1 270 km monitoring. Thus, network expansion is economically feasible at any time.

Methods of analog measurements

Traditional network monitoring systems are analog, and despite the fact that the equipment for digital measurement is becoming increasingly popular, analogue equipment is still an important component in many monitoring systems. While all data in the equipment for the digital measurements are transferred into a computerized analysis system, analog equipment is characterized, mainly, its independence from other components.  Display and analysis of measurements carried out directly on the block. This provides a high level of mobility and independence, which may be an advantage in such situations, as the acceptance of construction work, testing of pipe couplings, or in environments, where computer systems may not have full functionality.

Modern equipment for analog measurements offers a high level of accuracy and ease for many years of using and continuous further emprovement. Analog hardware monitoring of the company «Isoplus» further characterized by its durability and functionality. In addition, all product groups of the company «Isoplus» compatible with each other in specific points of contact. As a result,  the monitoring networks with mixed forms of technology are not a problem and it also allows in many cases to solve problems more easily and with lower costs. As our digital equipment, analog equipment is available in hard-mounted base units as well as inmovable and fixed blocks. blocks stationary and movable type.