100400, the Republic of Kazakhstan,
Karaganda region, Bukhar Zhyrau district,
SEZ «Saryarka»

Productive capacity

Isolation from 25 km to 100 km of pipes per year (DN 1 000 – 25 km)

Plant area

3192 m2

4 departments

Extrusion department,
welding department,
polyethylene soldering department,
PU-foam cast molding department

Delivery conditions


Full cycle of production of pre-insulated pipe includes:

  • Manufacturing unit of extrusion. Manufacturing plastic protective sheath (PE sheath) having a diameter of DN 125 up to DN 1 200 mm;
  • Manufacturing unit of welding. The production of shaped objects of any complexity (Offset, tees, PPU); Manufacturing unit of polyethylene soldering. Manufacture of shaped objects, which are applied as a protective sheath for steel shaped objects, from extruded polyethylene.
  • Manufacturing unit of tubular insulation by polyurethane. Isolation of the prepared steel pipes and shaped objects in polyethylene protective sheath.

In our work we use the principle of integrated approach, so we cover such customers as Akimats and state-owned public enterprises (SOPE), engineering companies  and construction and assembly firms. For each customer we have something to offer.

Quality assurance, service and documentation

The issue of quality assurance in the ISOPLUS group of companies is very important. ISOPLUS production enterprise is certified in accordance with the standards of DINENISO 9001 and DINENISO 14001 that ensures a continuous quality control at a high technical level. These management systems cover all areas of the company which include the production and shipment, planning and design, as well as construction work and installation.

Quality control is carried out in accordance with the methods of the parent company Isoplus Ferwärmetechnik GmbH because the European standards EN 253 are followed in the Isoplus group.

The plant has its own laboratory the main purpose of which is to ensure the control of end product quality conformance with all requirements.

Initial control

Before production permission at the plant «Isoplus Central Asia» LLP there is a thorough check of all the supplied materials according to the specification documents of National State Standard 30732-2006. For that, we take a sample of every new batch of supplied raw material and they pass all the corresponding tests in the laboratory of the plant.

During incoming inspection of steel pipes and pipeline components, the appearance and surface of the pipes, the deviation from the nominal diameter, wall thickness, quality, marking and compliance with the passport of quality of the pipes are controlled.

Intermediate control

After finishing of a certain stage of works every employee of «Isoplus Central Asia» LLP is obliged, according to the present control instruction, to check his work against the quality. Besides, as part of the initial control, in the process of production the employees of the quality department fulfill and document the checks and control procedures introduced by the corresponding standards and orders.

Final control

Before the delivery without exception all the products pass the final check and the quality of the production is visually confirmed by the corresponding employees and quality engineers. Only the products marked with the stamp of passing quality control are admitted to be delivered.

The condition for the implementation of the quality management system is the systematic organization of all processes and its daily monitoring.