The company «Isoplus» may provide you with the suitable insulation for your pipes used to convey a variety of environments. Polyurethane insulation provides for operation in the temperature range from -180 to +120°C.

Various steel pipes can be used in the capacity of a pipe for pumping different fluids (stainless steel, cast steel, coated steelbright steel, steel with a specially treated surface...) or plastic pipes (PE, PP, PVC...). Pipe casings are used, mainly, well-proven plastic pipes and pipe with folded seam «Spiro», is made of galvanized steel, aluminium or NIRO. In addition, the pipe «steel to steel» may also be made with polyurethane insulation, component of the coupled system.

In accordance with customer requests, also often laid pipe lines of heating for various cables sensors or heaters of the tubes. Because of «modular system» and extremely flexible and intermittent processes of entry of foam, very many solutions are also available in minimum quantities.

Information about this can be found in the assortment of production of our industrial pipes.