Isojoint 3

With the traditional heat shrink and electric sleeves for isolation of pipe joint, Isoplus offers a new type of sleeve from structured (cross linked) polyethylene with double pressurization IsojointIII®. For manufacturing of this type of sleeve we use polyethylene, stitched at the molecular level.

The mounting of IsojointIII® sleeve is performed in three stages:

  • joint preparation, the wiring of remote control of leakage;
  • insulation foam;
  • shrinking of the sleeve. 

In this technology, the shrinking of the sleeve is the final stage of installation, it occurs after the joint is insulated by polyurethane foam. So, it provides the possibility of monitoring the quality of the insulation material a non-destructive method. Also, before shrinking the sleeve, you can visually make sure even distribution of the insulation material in the cavity coupling. Also, no more need to drill holes for the fill and polyurethane foam and seal these openings with polyethylene plugs after application of insulation. Also IsojointIII® is a range of benefits for the statics of the pipeline. A reinforced (double) sealing recommended to use this type of sleeve in the presence of groundwater and other difficult operating conditions.